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At H-TYNE Synergy our aim is simple, we want to work with you to maximise your business performance in order to achieve your targets and ambitions.

As a business development consultancy service with offices in Newcastle, and Shanghai, we aim to work with you in order to achieve your goals and expand your success by designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change. We believe that a close working relationship is central in helping your business grow faster, work smarter and manage risks. With this in mind our team of expert business advisors work with you step by step, to ensure that your company reaches its full potential.

H-TYNE Synergy has a core principle that a “business’s best days are always ahead of them” - This drives everything we do in helping take businesses forward.

About H-TYNE Synergy

Since January 2009, H-TYNE Synergy has provided business development consultancy services to businesses across the UK with the aim of maximising business performance…

About Us

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We have a fantastic team of advisors to work with you. They have a wealth of experience in providing the best solution to clients. The team are based in Newcastle and Shanghai and would be delighted to hear from you…