Business Performance

About H-TYNE Synergy

At H-TYNE Synergy we understand that no one business is the same as the other and that understanding our clients’ personal aims and ambitions combined with our knowledge and in-sight of business markets is the key to delivering success. We approach every business as a unique project with bespoke developments and solutions required in order for your business to grow and reach its maximum potential.

Our team of advisors have a wealth of experience bringing together specialist sector knowledge and product expertise to deliver the best long-term solutions for our clients. Having advised on a wide range of projects and to businesses across many different sectors since 2009 we have track record of executing projects including, business strategy, business expansion, re-branding exercises and company restructures. We use this knowledge to deliver a programme of developments to clients that is focused on helping them to grow faster, work smarter, and manage risks.

We begin by placing strong working relationships with the client at the centre of our approach. We want to understand what makes your business tick. This relationship will form the foundation that will enable us to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of your business to date, so that we can work together to achieve your ambitions moving forward.

In utilising our advisors expert skill sets in order to deliver the most beneficial outcome for your business we then take pragmatic steps which enable us to identify areas that will drive development forward, support innovation and achieve faster growth. We apply our four core pillars of strategy:


An in-depth assessment of the business in its current position. Here, we are seeking to clearly define both the strengths of the business that can be developed and enhanced and the weaknesses that represent constraints to growth.


Careful analysis of the market conditions which are impacting / likely to impact on the business, either now or in the future. What we are seeking to identify here are market changes that may present either an opportunity or a threat to the business.


The establishment of a clear vision for the business.


The development of clearly defined strategies that aim to ensure the realisation of the Company’s growth objectives.

Having designed and established a bespoke development blueprint to take the business forward we continue our commitment to our clients. We know that success in business is about creating a vision and executing ideas. To achieve this we provide support at every level of implementing our proposed strategy from research and analysis to the effective communication of ideas to markets. Playing such an active role in driving developments forward and meeting set targets and deadlines along the way allows us to provide unrivalled commitment to our clients.

H-TYNE Synergy design, manage, and execute lasting beneficial change that delivers the best long term solutions for your business – Maximising your Business Performance.