Business Performance


"As a company who specialises in niche footwear, I have found Michael to be passionate and the owner of an enviable natural knack in what works and what doesn't. As with all good Consultants he is able to customise his knowledge to fit the individual or organisation in a way that effectively showcases one’s USP. I've known him to regularly parachute into projects which needed major turnaround. Above all he exudes a positivity which is infectious"

Aaron Sarin
Director , Jago Europe Ltd

"H-Tyne was extremely helpful in establishing crucial business contacts for us. Michael was helpful and very well informed, and had ideas on how to improve our business activity right from the word go always with an eye on the budget we had to work with. "

Dr. Michael Fish
Director , Dontyne Systems Ltd

"In the 8 years developing one of my inventions, Aqua-Kinetic I have had many 'contacts' and false leads and broken promises, both from private companies and Government help assistance Dept's. None of them were of much help, possibly partly due to the fact that I am a practical inventor/engineer, not a 'pen pusher'.

My invention is now in the process of being commercialised world wide, with many large orders now in the 'pipeline'.

Michael has been the most helpful and constant person I have dealt with throughout, he kept in touch on a regular basis, and made a number of good 'contacts' for me. He was always doing his utmost to help me get my project off the ground.

Michael's courtesy and persistence, are, very rare qualities these days.

It is my opinion that Michael will always give 100% to any 'project' he is involved with, and I recommend his services very highly."

Derick Sinclair
Managing Director, Advance Water Technologies Ltd.

"I have always found Michael to be very professional, positive and committed to helping my business succeed. His advice and support is insightful and leads to practical steps which I can take to push my business forward.

Michael has a very large business network and has introduced me to several useful contacts. I have always found Michael to be very personable and pleasure to work with. "

Steve Todd
CEO, Wind Drive Ltd

"I have known Michael Hopkins in a professional capacity for approximately 7 years now and have always found him to be extremely thorough and diligent in his approach to business.

Michael always finds the time to thoroughly research and understand any business and individuals’ needs before applying his commercial experience based solutions.

Michael has always used a very personable and endearing approach to his consultancy which leads to long lasting professional relationships. I have no doubt that Building Surveyors Limited will continue to work with H-TYNE Synergy for many years ahead. "

Chris Jude
Managing Director, Building Surveyors Ltd

"Agendas' often overtake common sense in both negotiations and company development and this is often in direct ratio to the fees which may be at stake. Working with Michael and H-TYNE Synergy has been a refreshing change, they always kept the interests of their client above that of the 'advisors' which haunt the current professional field. Michael's ability to listen, act dispassionately and often having to be prepared to be blunt in his appraisals of what may be a clients cherished project sets him apart from his contemporaries. You can trust him. "

Keith Gibson
Director, Power Angel

"Although we are an early start up company we have found that the assistance given by Michael has been important in the growth of our company, in essence, he has been able to look at our development with a fresh pair of eyes and offer guidance and support. This is especially important when you can’t see the wood for the trees due to the workloads that fall on new companies. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael and the benefits of H-TYNE Synergy. "

Steven Spruce
Director, Salesbridge

"I have known Michael for many years and worked with him a number of times over this period. He is a very trustworthy and accommodating individual. He is easy to get on with and has great skill in reacting to whatever challenges you may face. Always positive and hardworking, Michael is a pleasure to work with. "

Joe Timothy
Managing Director, Blue Leadership

"Tipple Associates Ltd has worked alongside Michael Hopkins’ H-TYNE Synergy to assess and assist a variety of projects. Michael’s a particularly keen and effective networker who is at ease with a diverse range of people in a variety of sectors at different stages in their businesses’ evolution. Michael’s well known with a profile that attracts a wide range of enquires, and we’ve found him very generous in sharing contacts and opportunities that combine very well with our technical background. We find H-TYNE adds particular value to our business by identifying and making relevant introductions, often based on detailed prior analysis of a contact or project. "

Roger Tipple
Director, Tipple Associates

"Michael is one of the most energetic and committed colleagues I know. He is enormously focussed on what he does, has remarkable insight, and is able to put his finger on the pulse of many business issues. I unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who needs a refreshing view of their business problems. "

Kevin Robson
Author, Service-Ability

"Way 2 Communicate has used H-Tyne on several occasions to assist us determine both strategic business direction and financial requirements. We have found H-Tyne and in particular Michael great to work with. They are clear thinking and the experience they bring has helped us move our business forward. We have several projects coming up in 2013 and there is no doubt we’ll be using H-Tyne for these pieces of work. "

Phil Pugh
Sales Director, Way2 Communicate Ltd

"I would thoroughly recommend Michael: he is incredibly reliable, absolutely trustworthy, full of enthusiasm and very good at staying in contact and passing on useful information. He really cares about what he is doing and has a clear eye for discerning a business’ potential and helping you achieve the best. He has been the most motivating person for my business without a doubt. Don't hesitate! "

Camilla Martin
Director, Silly Moo